Position Description: Traffic Control Technician 

Job Summary

Completes operations of assigned traffic control/safety projects setting up and taking down lane
closures. Takes direction from the prime contractor, as it relates to project work. Performs lane closures
on state highways and other roadways. Redirect traffic for workers or survey crews. Work
independently or part of a traffic control crew. Assemble, deliver, and pick up safety products from job

Essential Functions:

  • Identify and pull accurate signs for jobs
  • assembly of signage
  • know proper minimum quantity of inventory of stock for truck
  • proficient in all equipment and proper use of each
  • Proficient in sign spacing and sign charts
  • Proficient in the assembly of manufactured products
  • Proficient in taper lengths and placing tapers and work zone equipment correctly
  • Four basic set ups--lane shift, lane closure, road closure and flagger
  • Ability to drive large trucks and include backing, pulling and positioning trailer equipment
  • Flagging traffic
  • Ability to communicate with co-workers, clients and staff, professionally, efficiently and effectively.
  • Understand and read basic traffic control plan
  • Proficient with maps and directions
  • Ability to proficiently use TCR and mobile technology
  • Situational awareness, eyes and ears, head on a swivel, escape routes, etc.
  • Safe set up, including initial traffic management, visibility to oncoming traffic, etc.
  • Proficient in judging distances via established units of measure
  • Ability to utilize PPE effectively
  • Ability to quickly change course, think on the fly
  • Proficient in placing arrow boards
  • Ability to identify field problems/changes
  • Safe and adequate truck placement during set up
  • Complete work orders on basic set ups and take downs
  • Execute work orders by loading trucks with appropriate requirement or checking loaded truck for requirements.
  • Arrive at location and execute appropriate sign placement, cones, including to assess road conditions in a timely fashion.
  • Flagging certificate achieved prior to moving into the role
  • Close work order with indication of return and pick up times
  • Ongoing education and computer learning/training of others.